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About Aquacare

We offer a safe, simple and effective solution to all your pool requirements. From the basic supply of our salt- generated chlorine to installation and servicing of your own salt-generated chlorine system, we ensure your pool is operating optimally every day. No worries about poorly maintained water, dangerous chemical storage, or pool closures.

Since 1989, we’ve been making safe chlorine and ensuring clean and stable water in commercial pools across Canterbury. Aquacare was the first business to create salt generated chlorine in NZ, and quickly became a market leader due to our high standards of service, timely delivery, and quality product.

Onsite salt-generated chlorine simplifies the water treatment process. No special handling certificates or DG licenses are needed, so your staff can be safe in their daily tasks. This is a cost effective solution as using non-caustic chlorine removes the need for training certifications, and ongoing maintenance.

Humble Kiwi beginnings


After 30 years working for Christchurch City Council Centennial Pool, Rex Page got bored in his retirement. His experiences with commercial pools made him realise there must be a better way to sanitise and clean the water. Surely there was a simple, non-caustic, safe product that could be used to maintain water hygiene.

In typical Kiwi style, Rex converted his garage into a salt-generated chlorine facility and spent his retirement savings importing the chlorine generator. The council were his first client, and more commercial businesses quickly followed.


Paul and Jaime took over the business in 2021. Paul and Jaime have spent their lives in and around pools. They know the ins and outs of running an effective commercial pool operation, and how Aquacare chlorine can make your operations easier and more cost-effective. Water treatment made easy.

Aquacare makes water treatment for your facility easy, irrespective of its size. We deliver fresh batches of chlorine as far out as Akaroa, Ashburton and Oxford. Besides several large food industry clients, we also supply to a number of commercial swimming pools.

Qualified personnel with over two decades of experience in the field are available to test your water and make any recommendations. There’s no replacement for lived experience, and our staff know pool chlorination systems from the inside, out.

Reliable products for home pool maintenance

Our Wigram store is well stocked with affordable, safe water treatment products to maintain home pools. These straightforward products are ideal to keep your pool water clean and clear. Our goal is simplifying water treatment so you can enjoy your pool to its fullest.


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With years of experience and an excellent reputation in the greater Canterbury Region, we provide reliable and comprehensive pool maintenance solutions.
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