Salt Generated Chlorine Safe and Effective Pool Disinfectant

We supply chlorine or lease AHC generators.

We supply sodium hypochlorite generated chlorine or lease you an aquacare sodium hypochlorite chlorine generator (AHC). The choice depends on the size of your facility.

Your pool needs to be clean, free from pathogens, mould, and germs. Traditional chlorine does this effectively but it’s a hazardous gas. Salt generated chlorine is the best solution; it keeps the water clean and keeps pool users safe. It’s the safe, effective and economical alternative to chlorine gas.

Salt generated chlorine protects pool users from pathogens and germs but is far gentler and less irritating that gas chlorine. There’s less chance of red, irritated eyes, or dry and damaged skin and hair, making swimming and recreational pool use a far more enjoyable experience.


How is salt generated chlorine made?

We make our 1% sodium hypochlorite solution using electrolysis of high-grade salt. Electricity is sent through salt water, which charges the chloride ion in the salt. This creates the chlorine.

We have two options for our customers. We have a storage tank at our Sockburn site with up to five days of capacity. We can deliver to site anywhere in Canterbury within 48 hours. Or, we can supply and install an on-site generator for the ultimate in hassle free pool chlorination


Lease an Aquacare Sodium Hypochlorite chlorine generator

For a medium to large facility, buying, freighting and storing chlorine is a time consuming and hazardous process. You do not need to do this if you generate chlorine on site. We can lease you a chlorine generator. This allows you to produce fresh chlorine as needed, with no worries about running out.

The economical system has a brine tank, chlorine storage tanks, and a control panel. It’s simple to learn to use and operate, and provides a stable, safe and effective alternative to chlorine gas.

Contact us today to discuss if a sodium hypochlorite chlorine generator is the right solution for your facility, or whether delivery of our chlorine is more suited to your facilities.


Salt generated chlorine supply Christchurch

For small facilities and home pools, we know that a generator isn’t economical. We supply 200L tanks to site, or you can refill your own containers at our Sockburn site. You still get stable, fresh salt generated chlorine, but we create it for you. Pop in and see us at 140 Hayton Road, Wigram, Christchurch, anytime from 8.30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.


More than just pool chlorination

Aquacare Hypo is an excellent water disinfectant. This makes it ideal for use in pools, but its usefulness doesn’t stop there. Commercial kitchens use it for disinfecting surfaces and implements. Laundries use it as part of their cleaning processes. Commercial cleaners use it for toilets, bathrooms, pool surrounds, and as a moss and algae killer.

The benefits of onsite salt generated chlorine

Safe for staff and users

Completely biodegradable, less caustic than alternatives, with no rating as a dangerous good. Our formula does not degrade or become unstable over time.

Cost effective

Per kilogram, salt generated chlorine is the most economical safe form of chlorination. More pH neutral than other options, requiring fewer pH correction additives.

Easy to handle

Salt generated chlorine is non-hazardous. No special training is required to use this chlorine.

Stable formula

High strength chlorine tends to degrade with time, reducing its effectiveness. Our chlorine is made fresh daily so you can be sure of consistent concentration.

Bulk chlorine supply

We can generate the amount you need to meet the demands of your facilities. Large complexes and commercial facilities can easily be accommodated.


Keep NZ clean and green by using our naturally generated salt-based product. Fully ecofriendly and biodegradable, with fewer by-products than gas or high strength chlorine.