CANTERBURY water testing

Testing your pool water is key

Testing your pool water regularly is key to maintaining well-balanced water and ensuring that your water is at optimal safe levels.

We offer a range of testing options to ensure your pool systems are running optimally and providing the best experience for your users. Get in contact with us for water treatment conducted onsite, and a variety of testing and repair services.

Aquacare pool testing with Palintest testing tablets.

Simple routine maintenance keeps your pool water clean, clear and balanced so pool users can enjoy a safe swim. Palintest testing tablets help you to ensure:

  • pH levels are balanced Ensure the degree of acid and base balance in your pool water is correct. If the water is too acidic, it could cause corrosion and if it’s too basic, it could result in cloudy water and scaling. Once you test the water, add the necessary chemicals to bring the pH to a neutral level.
  • Total alkalinity is maintained to keep the pH of the pool water stable. Low alkalinity can cause pH levels to fluctuate, causing corrosion or cloudy water
  • Calcium hardness depends on how much dissolved calcium is present in the water. High levels of calcium can leave deposits on the surfaces of your pool and its equipment which require extra cleaning and maintenance.

Pool services we offer

Online AHC monitoring

All AHC’s are monitored online and can be managed remotely. Problems can be diagnosed and controlled online.

Free water testing

Regular testing is the key to consistently balanced pool water. We offer free water testing at our showrooms and on-site for a fee.

Pump servicing and repairs

Consistent maintenance is key to optimum performance and long-lasting equipment. Our team is experienced in handling a variety of pump makes and models.

Water disinfectant and chemicals

Safe, manufacture-approved solutions for clean and clear water. Bleach and chlorine supply in 200L tanks or fill your own at our Sockburn branch.

Advice from qualified personnel

Systematic testing and recommendations from qualified professionals with over 20 years of experience in the field.

Chlorine delivery

We can deliver chlorine to your local site in 200L tanks. Contact us to arrange.