Choosing the right products

Choosing the right products for bleach and pool chemical supply makes your facilities safer, healthier and more cost effective. Whether it’s pool and cleaning chemicals, or bleach and chlorine.

Bulk bleach supply

Our bleach is manufactured in Christchurch. This means it provides you with great value for money—and you’re supporting a locally owned and operated business.

Our bleach is 10,000 parts per million (ppm), so there’s no need to dilute or add extra processes to the product. A one-in-five dilution of Aquacare bleach is effective against many bacteria and viruses. Our low pH level of approximately 9.7 means more bacteria is killed. This makes our 1% solution ideal to use and dilute if needed.

NZ regulations state that: 

  • All food processing equipment and food contact surfaces must be sanitised with bleach solution
  • The bleach must be drained before any contact with food
  • The solution must not exceed 200 ppm available chlorine, and
  • If a higher concentration is used, the surface must be rinsed with potable water prior to use.

Our bleach meets all NZ regulations, helping you to meet your H&S requirements.

Since 1989, Aquacare have supplied our bleach products to many commercial operations around Canterbury. Contact us today to talk about any quantity, up to 200L tanks. Or you can visit our Sockburn plant at 140 Hayton Road, Christchurch to fill your own containers with the precise amount you need.

Ways to use our bleach and pool chemicals

Clean off mould

Using Aquacare bleach, you can clean surfaces and kill fungi and mould at the same time, right down to the roots.

Sterilise second-hand items

Waterproof items can be immersed in a 1:8 solution of bleach and water, rinsed, and dried in the sunlight for sterilisation.

Disinfect chopping boards

Chopping boards can harbour harmful bacteria and viruses, which then transfer to food. Scrub with bleach and then rinse and air dry.

Brighten Glassware

A tablespoon of bleach in soapy dish water brings faded and stained glassware back to life.

Disinfect rubbish bins

Wash out the bins and then pour a cup of bleach with a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Scrub the bin, then rinse and airdry for clean, odourless bins.

Removing odours from drains

Mix one cup of bleach to four litres of water. Pour down the drain. Flush with water after 30 minutes for clean drains.